The Commercial Plant Stage of Torrefied Biomass

The International Biomass Torrefaction Council is pleased to announce its partnership with the World Bioenergy Association (WBA) for hosting together the newest webinar about torrefied biomass, entitled “The Commercial Plant Stage of Torrefied Biomass”.

The live webinar will take place on 30th May and a recorded version of the event it is going to be recorded and will be available from 1-7 June 2018. Moreover, the participants of the webinar will have the chance to choose between two sessions of the event, taking place at different times during the same day.

The advantages of torrefied biomass are widely recognised (the most popular are related to its higher energy density, grindability, hydrophobic, etc.), and it has been acknowledged as a breakthrough technology to decrease the handling and storage costs. It also provides a considerable reduction in investments for co-firing applications. Expectations are high and applications are multiple in Japan.

The event has a real added value for those companies, associations, stakeholders, researchers and professionals who have a deep interest in torrefaction and in torrefied biomass products. Among the major benefits of the webinar:

  • Discover how the Japanese market of torrefied pellets is rapidly becoming a target for Canada, Indonesia and  Australia;
  • Have a better understanding about how the feedstocks have lately doubled by including the agricultural residues;
  • Have a more complete overview about the Japanese torrefaction market and how much torrefied product their energy generators need;
  • Be an “early bird” and register before the 15/05/2018 to get a discount;
  • IBTC and WBA members have free access to the event.

This is a unique opportunity to learn more about this technology directly from the main stakeholders. Check out the programme and register here.