IBTC Members

IBTC members are European and international companies developing biomass torrefaction technology, pellet /briquette machine manufacturers, the technical division of the utilities and national or sectorial associations as well as other bodies or groups dedicated to the promotion of the use of torrefied biomass.

IBTC members’ presentation

IBTC has three members’ categories:

IBTC Full Members

Parties active in production or consumption of torrefied biomass as well as system or machinery suppliers to the torrefaction industry, i.e. those already producing and most benefitting from any kind of promotion respectively removals of limitations and barriers.
FM constitute the IBTC Steering Committee, and therefore have not only the right to particpate in all IBTC activities but also to govern IBTC.

Member Country Website
Airex Energy Canada www.airex-energy.com
Amandus Kahl Germany www.akahl.de
Arigna Fuels Ireland www.arignafuels.ie
Clean Electricity Generation The Netherlands  www.cegeneration.com
Cockerill Maintenance et Ingénierie (CMI) Belgium www.cmigroupe.com
CPL Industries UK www.cplindustries.co.uk
Heetway USA www.newbiomass
Laborelec/GDF Suez Belgium www.electrabel.be
River Basin Energy USA www.riverbasinenergy.com
Teal Sales Incorporated USA www.tsi-inc.net
Torr-Coal The Netherlands www.torrcoal.com

 IBTC Developing Members

Parties with the clear objective to become a producing member with their project(s) under development. Already on their way to become a full producer but they don´t have a commercial production yet (no production intended to be marketed).

Member Country Website
BioEndev AB Sweden www.bioendev.se/
DAK GPS Poland www.dakgps.com

 IBTC Associated Members

Any other companies, organisations or individuals with an interest along the value chain of torrefied biomass and supporting the objectives of IBTC are eligible to become Associated Members (e.g. ports/terminals, logistic providers, shipping companies, stevedores, consultants, association, research institutions, certification companies, insurances).

Member Country Website
DNV GL KEMA Nederland B.V. The Netherlands https://www.dnvgl.com/
Energieonderzoek Centrum Nederland (ECN) The Netherlands https://www.ecn.nl
Miksei Oy Part of Mikkeli Development Miksei Ltd Finland http://mikseimikkeli.fi/
University HEIG-VD Switzerland http://www.heig-vd.ch/
Wild & Partner Austria www.wild.or.at
 CENER-CIEMAT Spain http://www.cener.com/
IBTC is a network of the European Biomass Association, AEBIOM. Hence by applying to IBTC, companies/associations become also members of AEBIOM.