About Us

AEBIOM and the torrefied biomass stakeholders have decided to join forces and create the International Biomass Torrefaction Council (IBTC). The 5th December 2012 IBTC was launched in collaboration with DTA (Dutch Torrefaction Association) as a discussion platform among companies with similar interests. The main objective of IBTC is to promote the use of torrefied biomass as energy carrier, undertake studies or projects, and to commonly voice their concerns to the outside world.

For the moment 20 companies in Europe and USA support the initiative and much more already express their interest to join the group.



Torrefaction is a thermal pre-treatment technology, which produces a solid biofuel product that has a superior handling, milling and co-firing capabilities compared to other biomass fuels. The advantages of torrefied biomass are widely recognised (higher energy density, grindability, hydrophobic, etc.).

Torrefaction is seen as a breakthrough technology to decrease the handling and storage costs and reduce investment for co-firing application. Expectations are high especially from industrial users point of view but the technology and product quality are still surrounded by some uncertainties. Therefore a new network has been set up to discuss common interests and promote the use of torrefied biomas in Europe: The International Biomass Torrefaction Council.